Kastalia by Lesaffre

Liquid yeast innovation by Lesaffre

Kastalia, ready-to-use yeast approved by craft bakers for its performance, efficiency and the guarantee of optimal hygiene.

Kastalia advantages


Simplicity – Same dosage, no changes in your habits: 1 kg of liquid yeast = 1 kg of compressed yeast


Safety – No direct contact of yeast with hands, no risk of contamination


Easy-to-use – The dispenser close to the dough mixer, a measure jug that reduces wastage and easy to clean


Efficiency – The liquid yeast is easier to disperse and mix into the dough, making it smoother

KASTALIA Innovation


Kastalia is a concept of bag-in-box liquid yeast in refrigerated dispensers.


Kastalia strength lies in its performance on the basis of equivalent ratio : 1 kg liquid yeast is equivalent to the fermentative power of 1 kg of compressed yeast.


Thanks to an original manufacturing process, Lesaffre has managed to focus the liquid product to a level of strength equal to that of compressed yeast.


It is the mastery of this innovative process that ensures the baker of constant quality yeast and easy to dose.

Discover the KASTALIA range


kastalia mono

Kastalia MONO

Consumption : 30 to 50 kg / week


Its strengths :

  • A capacity of 20kg
  • A solution adapted to reduced surfaces
  • Yeast always at hand
  • Optimal storage at 4°C with the refrigerated dispenser
  • Precise dosage for controlled consumption of the yeast
  • Long life bag-in-box
  • A replacement in 2 minutes
Kastalia DUO

Kastalia DUO

Consumption : 50 à 200 kg / week


Its strengths :

  • A double capacity of 2 × 20 kg
  • Better productivity with refills offering longer life
  • Rapid change of the bag-in-boxes (under 2 minutes)
  • Yeast always at hand
  • Optimal storage at 4 ° C with the refrigerated dispenser
  • Accurate metering system for controlled consumption

Kastalia LEVAIN

Live sourdough guaranteed 14 weeks.


Its strengths :

  • A 10kg liquid sourdough conditioning
  • Suitable for breads, pastries and all bakery products
  • Adapted to any flow diagram
  • A true sourdough for more flavor
  • Ingredients : live microorganisms (water, yeast and sourdough bacterias), rye flour, malted wheat flour…


The Lesaffre Baking Center technical bakers have evaluated the performance of Kastalia liquid yeast in various baking recipes and schemes in order to advise professional bakers.


This testing phase was conducted from equipment (mixer, oven…) representative of the market in order to validate the maximum configurations and uses. Field tests have then been pursued directly among professionals bakers coming from different European countries.


They tried Kastalia in their own recipes, in straight process or controled proofing. They all confirmed that the Kastalia liquid yeast adapts well to any recipe. It seduces all bakers thanks to its practicality.


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